THE WOODEN TOY CO - Building Blocks and Archway Package

  • $360.00
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Building blocks are a must have item for each child. Versatile, open-ended and very beneficial for learning and developing, building blocks can be used for so many play opportunities.

The Wooden Toy Co have combined their amazing building blocks and their archways set, to enhance and extend on the play opportunities. This pack will lead to amazing buildings and enhance your child’s physical skills such as hand eye coordination and balancing skill, as well as cognitive skills such as imagination and creativity.

This pack contains one set of 81 hardwood building blocks and 3 x archways (210x210mm, 210x294mm and 210x378mm).

Some of the products that they have manufactured are glued and nailed together to ensure that they last. Because of this, they have used wood putty to cover up the nail holes. You may notice the putty when you first receive your item. Over time, the wood putty will be much less noticeable, while the quality of the toy will remain.