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QTOYS - Gingerbread Man Book & Play Set


This ‘Gingerbread Man’ is one of the favourite stories among kids. This interactive book consists of 5 double sided pages with the different scenes following the story
of the gingerbread man. It also includes 8 little wooden pieces of the little old lady, the little old man, the gingerbread man and the animals; the cow, the pig, the horse, the chicken and the fox.

Interactive books capture children’s interest and keeps them engaged as they listen to the story. Children can place the little people on each page as they go through the story which is great for fine motor development.

As children explore this book with their parents, they listen attentively to the story and learn new words which promotes the development of their vocabulary. Through this experience children also express their thoughts as they try to narrate the story and form sentences which promotes language development.

Children also attempt to describe what they can see in the picture which helps build their confidence and self-esteem. This interactive ‘Gingerbread Man Book’ is a great learning resource for literacy development.

All Qtoys products are made from sustainably sourced materials, by staff in a fair work environment.

Dimensions: Book - 18cm x 18cm x 3cm, Characters - between 5.5cm - 10cm tall

Recommended Age: 2+ Years

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QTOYS - Gingerbread Man Book & Play Set

QTOYS - Gingerbread Man Book & Play Set