THE WOODEN TOY CO - 24 Piece Wooden Road Set

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Using a road in play can open the door for so many play opportunities. It can be a great tool for children in the transportation schema, as well as providing opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking.

The Wooden Toy Co's wooden road is easy to put together, using a jig-saw style connection. It doesn’t break apart when stood or knelt on by children. It has an easy release when you lift the piece up, which means that there will be no frustration in play with the road fall away.

Each piece is made from 9mm sustainably sourced pine plywood. This ensures that the connections are strong.

Pack Contains:

- 2 Roundabouts

- 12 Bends

- 10 Straight pieces  

Please note that arches, vehicles and other pieces shown in image are not included in the set.

Suitable for all ages, however road shouldn't be mouthed for an extensive period of time, as it will cause damage.