THE WOODEN TOY CO - Coloured Building Blocks - 25 Piece Kit - Small

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Building blocks are a must have item for each child. Versatile, open-ended and very beneficial for learning and development, building blocks can be used for so many play opportunities.

Building blocks provide many learning opportunities for children, improving physical skills through stacking and balancing; increasing creative skills by enhancing imagination and story telling to create different structures, and developing cognitive skills through planning and integrating play.

The Wooden Toy Co building blocks are made from certifiable sustainably grown Radiata Pine. They are coloured using a non-toxic, colour that is water-resistant. There are no finishing oils on our coloured blocks. They have a grippy feel and texture, as well as being light, so they have be easily stacked by little hands.

The Wooden Toy Co block sets will be dispatched with a custom tray, made from sustainable radiata pine.


These blocks are 42mm wide and range in height from 126mm to 42mm.

These blocks sets are manufactured by The Wooden Toy Co. and are dispatched from their Melton warehouse.