The Wooden Toy Co

The Wooden Toy Co was founded in Melton, Victoria by Chloe and Leon Mortimer during the COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020. Prior to the pandemic they had built a successful and fast-growing exhibition stand building company (Events 720), which experienced a complete industry wide hibernation while bans on mass gatherings are in place. The sudden disruption to their business operations gave them a unique opportunity to increase their focus on their children’s play while they were at home.  As parents who are passionate about encouraging children’s learning and development along their natural trajectory, this extra time at home allowed them to dive into this daily.

Open-ended toys and play have always been a focus in their house, and they have invested heavily in many Grimms and Grapat items over the years.  Constant supply issues and long wait times for purchasing new toys has made them repeatedly ask the same question, why do we need to wait so long to get good quality wooden toys? Having significant timber manufacturing experience, skills and equipment being under-utilised has provided the perfect opportunity to seek to address these issues while contributing to the rebuild of the local and national Australian economy by first keeping, and then creating local manufacturing jobs. Something they both believe in and take responsibility to deliver on.

Chloe and Leon have focused on making everything about The Wooden Toy Co as sustainable as possible, with 90% of materials being FSC & PEFC certified, including the use of sustainably grown and replanted Australian Hardwood for our blocks, something that to the best of their knowledge is a world first. Ultimately their aim is to make it is easy as possible for their customers to quickly enjoy playing with their high-quality toys.  These 3 things influence and guide all their decisions.

The Wooden Toy Co work hard to create beautiful, functional and robust products that enhance a child’s natural ability to learn and grow.