THE WOODEN TOY CO - Climbing Cube, Large Pikler and Climbing Ramp

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Pikler triangles and Climbing Cubes are great for encouraging children to move in a natural way, as well as accommodate their natural want for climbing. A climbing ramp/slide is a great way to extend on Pikler play and further enhance a child’s physical ability.  

Having a Pikler triangle and Climbing Cube, in combination with a climbing ramp/slide is a great way to add even more opportunities for play. This allows for the ramp to be used as a bridge, or to add some extra height dimensions for the slide.



580mm high

580mm wide

580mm deep

400mm diameter hole


770mm high

730mm wide

800mm deep


1190mm long

390mm wide

56mm deep

6.7kg weight

The Pikler Triangle will come with:

  • Assembly Instructions
  • 31 M6 Connector bolts (plus 1 spare)
  • Triangle sides
  • Dowel
  • 4mm Allen Key

The Climbing Cube will come with:

  • Assembly Instructions
  • 16 M6 Connector bolts (plus 1 spare)
  • 2 x plywood sides with holes cut out
  • 1 x plywood top
  • 4mm Allen key

Recommended for children aged 6 months - 6 years

WARNING – The Pikler triangle, Climbing Cube and climbing ramp/slide is a great way for your little one to explore new physical challenges. However, the Pikler triangle and Climbing Cube should always be placed one a flat, even surface to ensure that it doesn’t tip over.  Children must always be supervised while climbing and using this product.

WARNING – The Wooden Toy Co climbing ramp/slide is quite heavy due to the thick ply we have chosen for stability purposes. Because of this, only an adult should move and position the climbing ramp/slide to ensure that it is locked into a safe and secure position on the Pikler triangle/cube. If a child moves the climbing ramp/slide or attempts to put it into place they could injure themselves and risk falling. 

WARNING – the bag containing assembly instructions and small parts such as bolts and Allen Key should be kept out of reach of children as these can pose choking hazards.